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"Our company was super competitive competing for a 52 million dollar federal contract when we hired Bella Cruz to run the Senior leadership and curriculum development portion of the contract. Hiring Bella put us right in front of the competition! She is so such a master trainer and R&S Lowndes Management is delighted to have her on the team for the next 5 years plus!!!" Reginald Lowndes, CEO, R&S Lowndes Management


"I run a global company and when we wanted to scale and grow into the new decade I was referred to Bella for her competencies in business acumen.  She worked with me and our team and I must say when the bottom line numbers came in she helped us exceed our written goals, increase our reach and anticipate future growth issues.  Her wisdom, coaching and advice were worth so much more than she invoiced us for. I highly recommend Bella. I'd be happy to speak with any CEO or Director wanting to grow their business, give Bella a call. We'll be retaining her for the future growth as well." Michael D. Butler, CEO, Beyond Publishing, Award-Winning Global Book Publisher

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Bella Cruz Consulting Group is an award-winning company that specializes in designing professional talent development programs that create leadership transformation, measure real-world application and accelerate team performance solutions to increase greater levels of productivity, boost employee engagement and improve enterprise processes to grow your business and revenue.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience coaching and training senior executives, leaders at all levels and employees to provide strategic enterprise guidance in industries such as the military, healthcare, metropolitan transit, construction, public and private sector, non-profit, and higher education.  

We partner with leadership experts in business strategies & development, technology and military training. 

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